AUG 25th 2015

Revival 2015 race preview ‑ Sussex Trophy

Few will forget the stunning spectacle last year of the Sussex Trophy, for the first time a two-driver race running into dusk. Sports racing cars from 1955-1960 – think all those beautiful Aston Martins, Ferraris, Jaguars, Listers and Maseratis – with headlights ablaze blasting around the circuit in the gathering gloom…well, it just couldn’t fail to raise goosebumps.

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This year there’s a change: from first race on the Friday to last race on the Sunday. The Sussex Trophy for 2015, still with some of the best-loved cars in Revival history, has the honour of closing the festival as Race No.16 on 13 September. (You can still see a dusk race on the Friday though; for 2015 that’s the Freddie March Memorial Trophy and you can read more about that here.)

The Sussex Trophy will, as ever, guarantee a spectacular race. In 2014 it was certainly a tense affair, won by a Lister-Jaguar ‘Knobbly’ despite a stirring drive by Bobby Verdon-Roe in the Ferrari 246S Dino. Verdon-Roe started on pole, fell back and then stormed through the field to finish second.

Revival Sussex Trophy 2014

The good news is that Verdon-Roe and the Ferrari are back for more this year, along – of course – with a very full complement of Listers. Eight in fact, including more Knobblys plus the Flat Iron and several Costins, all powered by a variety of Jaguar and Chevrolet engines.

No race with a Knobbly is complete without a D-type and the Sussex Trophy this year has five, three of them the long nose versions. Ranged against that lot will be a further assortment of World Championship sports cars and production sports racing cars from 1955-1960, cars such as Aston DBR1 and DBR2, Maserati Birdcage, 250Si and 300S, the Scarab-Chevy, Cooper-Jag T38, Tojeiro Jaguar, Sadler Chevy and a pair of Lotus-Climax 15s.

Revival Sussex Trophy

Big, powerful cars like these are perfectly suited to Goodwood’s fast, sweeping curves – now as in period. You can get a taste of what they are like, and the exciting action in store from this year’s race, from these video clips.

Astons, D-types and Listers are all in action at Goodwood, along with Moss and Brooks, in this snatch of footage from the 1958 TT race:

 But if you want just D-types (and who doesn’t?) then head straight for here and the remarkable sight of the Lavant Cup last year which was run just for D-types and XKSSs to mark the glorious D’s big six-oh.

Then again if you have time on your hands take a look at this from Revival 2002 which we shared with you recently in our Fast and Fearless series. It’s certainly fast, pretty fearless and just a wonderful dice between two cars sure to be stars of the Sussex Trophy this year, the D-type and Dino.

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