AUG 20th 2015

Video: Revival Auction preview ‑ 1925 Lancia Lambda

We’re beginning to make a habit of carrying out a sneak preview of Bonhams‘ lots once they’re all assembled at Goodwood and the upcoming Revival sale will be no exception. From the famous Chris Evans cars to the Porsche 908/3 Turbo and the Ferrari F40 we can’t wait to be afforded our private viewing and bring you another quality set of photos depicting the scene. Recently though we happened across the opportunity to bring one of the Revival sale lots down to Goodwood for GRR to take a closer look at. 

Chris_Evans_Revival_promo_17082015 Lancia Lambda

On the face of it the Lancia Lambda you see here is fairly typical of Twenties machinery with its running boards, headlamps, elegant mudgards and prominent grille. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s built upon a frame suitable for a locomotive and runs an engine the size of Devon, but the Lambda was a seriously advanced car which produced ample performance from just 2.1 litres of displacement and as for the chassis… there wasn’t one!

While it was here we took the opportunity to photograph it extensively (gallery below). Partially because it might give a potential buyer a closer look, but also because it was such a fascinating piece, particularly the incredibly advanced narrow-angle V4 motor. Can you imagine tackling the Mille Miglia in one of these? Heaven.

 Photography: Tom Shaxson 

1925 Lancia Lambda

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