AUG 19th 2015

Video: Wrestling with an AC Cobra around Goodwood in the wet

Last year the prestigious RAC TT Celebration Race was won by Giedo van der Garde and David Hart in the latter’s AC Cobra. Conditions were good and both drivers made a fine account of themselves. Today however, as well as both were pedalling the conditions were… well, you’ll have to see for yourself!

Shelby_testing_Promo_29072015 Cobra piece

Suffice to say that grip was at something of a rarity, as confirmed by the former Caterham F1 driver. ‘In the dry, with these (Dunlop Historical) tyres fitted there isn’t really much grip. Out there today in these conditions it is almost impossible; with this much torque you could spin the tyres all the way down the straight in top gear if you liked!’

Furthermore, Giedo had some doubt about the Cobra’s competitiveness if this year’s race is held in similar conditions. ‘There’s just too much torque. I reckon the six cylinder cars will fare better if it’s like this.’ Rainy or not though, the Dutchman is keen to return for the Revival: ‘Last year was my first time here. Of course I’d heard of the event before but honestly had no idea it was as good as it is. The people and how they dress up were incredible. And of course there were all the cars!’

Come rain or shine Giedo will be welcomed back and, reunited with David Hart, the pair will be giving it everything to retain the coveted trophy and enjoy another post-race winner’s cigar. Mind you, if conditions mirror today’s then might we see another usually-unfancied car more suited to wet conditions win, like the Freidrichs/Hadfield Aston Martin Project 212 car did in 2013 …?

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