SEP 10th 2015

Gallery: Revival 2015 ‑ The Gathering

Finally it’s almost here. For weeks now we’ve been reporting on the various attractions, cars, drivers, bikes and riders who are coming along to entertain us and today, one-by-one, they’re arriving. 

Chris Ward RAC TT on board Revival promo

It’s a shame that Goodwood can’t sell tickets for the public to attend the day before the Revival kicks off, because it’s a spectacular occasion. You don’t know where to turn next. First there’s a Shelby American Daytona Coupe, then another, then another! Eventually all six cars arrive and we’re left rooted to the spot, mouths agape. Never before have all six original cars been assembled in one place and they’re unlikely ever all to be in the same place again.

A short distance away a 7-litre, supercharged ’57 Chevy ‘Gasser’ is causing the ground to shake beneath it as it reverses into position near the main pedestrian entrance. Back in the main paddock a Ferrari 500 TRC slips into its paddock shelter, flanked by an 860 Monza and a 250GT Tour de France; the trio expected to be part of an incredible 26-car grid in this year’s Ferrari-only Lavant Cup race.


Elsewhere in paddock three, most of the RAC TT Celebration cars are already in position in their shelters and are being attended to. Jaguar aficionados will need no introduction to the E-Types bearing registration marks CUT 7 and CUT 8, whilst next to them sits the famous Lister Costin Le Mans Coupe and another legendary Jaguar-related registration mark: 49 FXN, surely the most famous of all the Low-Drag E-Types (which we featured as a Goodwood Great earlier this year).

As we walk through the grounds of the Revival, more and more breathtaking sights fight for our attention and before too long it becomes too much to take in. So we’ll stop at this point and leave you with our gallery of the earlier arrivals. Besides, we don’t want to give away everything before the gates open tomorrow at 07:30!

Photography by Tom Shaxson

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