SEP 03rd 2015

Revival 2015 ‑ Impossible without the Ford GT40?


Let’s face it, if there was an award for the most famous competition car of all time then surely the Ford GT40 would be a prime candidate? Certainly the Revival meeting just wouldn’t be the same without them. Unthinkable, even …

Andrew Jordan Mike Jordan

Two years ago there was a grid full of GT40s for the Whitsun Trophy race and this year six of the famous, thundering Ford racers are expected to be dicing with Lola T70s, McLaren M1Bs and the like with another two GT40s being used as course cars, one of which will be finished in black to represent the 1966 Le Mans winning machine of the great Bruce McLaren. It will also feature in a parade lap in honour of the indefatigable Kiwi.

Unsurprisingly, when GRR came up with the idea for our popular Goodwood Greats series of photographic studies, one of the first cars on our list was Gavin Henderson’s extraordinary, original example.

Next year we can expect another bumper year for Ford GT40 fans, both with the advent of the eagerly-awaited Ford GT (which GRR got to see up close recently) and the subsequent re-igniting of the Ford versus Ferrari battle at Le Mans, fifty years after arguably the blue oval’s finest hour when GT40s came home in first, second and third. We cannot wait.

In fact, so intrinsic is the incredible Ford to the modern Goodwood, we will be holding an entire race dedicated to the thundering Fords again at the 74th Members’ Meeting.

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