SEP 13th 2015

Top 5: Saturday Revival Car Show highlights

Revival Car Show

The Revival Car Show, located just over the road from the wheel-to-wheel track action at the Goodwood motor circuit, sees around 2,500 exceptional tax-exempt classic vehicles parked up each day, making it one of the largest classic car shows in the UK.

Revival 2015

Here are five great cars that we have spotted parked-up in the Revival Car Show on Saturday, with five more gems to follow later on the final sell-out day of the 2015 Goodwood Revival.

Revival Car Show

Gordon Keeble GK1:

Less than 100 Gordon Keebles were built not too far from Goodwood, near Southampton, between 1964 and 1967, with no less than five of these beautiful and rare Giugario-designed coupes present at the Revival Car Show on Saturday.

Revival Car Show

Opel GT/J:

The GT/J was the affordable entry-model 1.1-litre version of the Opel GT, a smaller brother to General Motors’ contemporary Chevrolet Corvette two-seater. Production of this unusual Opel ran from 1968 until 1973, with the GT/J being a late 1971 addition.

Revival Car Show

Autovia V8:

Built in Coventry by Autovia, a subsidiary of Riley, this V8-engined 1938 model is one of just 35 examples made, with appealing ‘formal’ coachwork by Mulliner, and an unusual Armstrong Siddeley pre-selector transmission.

Revival Car Show

Vauxhall Velox Vagabond:

The Vagabond was a convertible version of the early 1950s Vauxhall Velox, built by Holden in Australia, and unique to that market. Around 700 Vagabonds were built, of which 35 or so are believed to have survived in Australian, with this example being the only one in the UK.

Revival Car Show

Kellison J6 Astra:

Kellison was one of the pioneering American fibre-glass bodied kit car makers, offering its first kit in the early 1950s, and continuing until the late 1960s, by which time its extensive model range including the world’s first Ford GT40 replica. This early 1960s Corvette-based J6 Astra coupe kit is an extremely rare sight, especially in the UK. An earlier Kellison coupe is owned by Lord March!

Photography by Gary Axon

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