SEP 23rd 2015

Video ‑ E‑Type eats up AC Cobras in RAC TT Celebration

We knew all about how good Chris Ward is after his awesome performance at 73MM and victory in the Revival opening Freddie March Memorial Trophy. But we’re not sure we at GRR ever truly appreciated his skill until we were handed this onboard footage from his amazing drive from fourth to first in the RAC TT Celebration.

Giedo van der Garde revival

It’s fair to say though, that Chris didn’t get the start he would have wanted. As the Union flag dropped the beautiful green E-Type he shared with BTCC champ Gordon Shedden was swallowed off the line by a trio of AC Cobras.

However Ward quickly reasserts his, and the car’s, dominant pace, cutting off a fourth Cobra before setting about regaining third place, which he duly does before the end of the first lap. Chris was clearly heeding Shedden’s pre-race request, when the Scot apparently told him to ‘build a big lead before you hand over to me’.

From then on it’s all about the extraordinary car-control Ward displays, holding the E-Type on the edge of cohesion time-after-time to carry enough speed out of the corner to keep the more powerful Cobras behind.

Chris Ward Low-drag E-Type RAC TT

Ward would go on to hand over the car to Shedden with a large lead, and the pair cruised to victory 14seconds clear of the chasing red and gold Cobra, shared by Olly Bryant and Ward’s team-mate from the Spa Classic, Andrew Smith.

We’ll leave the other stunning overtaking maneuvers in the video for you to discover. Once you’ve finished it maybe ponder whether you think Chris will add to his Goodwood tally at 74MM in March? We can’t bet against that…

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