SEP 17th 2015

Video ‑ Gorgeous Revival Slow‑mo compilation

If you watched the full Goodwood Revival live streams you will have noticed two things: Firstly, that the racing was fast, frenetic and always brilliant, and secondly that this year we had at our disposal a slow-motion camera.

Revival results slow-mo

The results of both former and latter can be seen in the video we share above. We’ve brought together the best of the slow-mo footage from Saturday’s stream into one video. In it you’ll see Tom Kristensen’s extraordinary run to the front of the St Mary’s Trophy field, a lairy moment for a GT40 and lots-and-lots of Ferraris.

Sadly, the nature of this kind of footage means that we’ve had to stray into the realms of controversy by setting it to music, but hopefully you’ll forgive us when you see the stunning shots.

Enjoy the video.

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