Gallery: Richard Attwood wins dramatic Richmond Trophy – Revival 2009

08th May 2020
Seán Ward

If you were looking for proof that racing talent doesn’t necessarily decrease with age, look no further than Richard Attwood and the dramatic Richmond Trophy from the 2009 Revival.

Attwood, a Formula 1 driver from 1964 and, of course, the man who took Porsche’s first Le Mans 24 Hours victory in the 917, co-driving with Hans Herrmann, is no stranger to the wheel of a racing car. He’s no stranger to Goodwood, either, having competed in four races at the Motor Circuit in just his third weekend of racing back in 1960. Evidence of all of that could be seen in the way he drove in the 2009 Richmond Trophy, piloting a beautiful Ferrari 246 Dino.

Beating the likes of Frank Stippler, Jochen Mass, Barrie Williams, he said after the race: “Every win here should be valued because it’s the most prestigious event in the world and it’s become very important to do well here.” That could explain the huge smile on his face.

Images courtesy of Motorsport Images.

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