Video: Sliding Jaguar D-type and Lister battle

30th March 2021
Ethan Jupp

The Lavant Cup for sports racing cars of the 1950s has to be one of the most thrilling races to compete in at Goodwood. Roofless cars capable of 170mph-plus down the Mulsanne straight, gliding around Goodwood on the sidewalls was a sight for sore eyes at SpeedWeek presented by Mastercard.

It also always makes for some of the best battles on track, as Jaguar D-types, Listers, Coopers, Maseratis, Ferraris and more lock horns. For near on the entire race, Martin Stretton in his stunning Ecurie Ecosse-liveried D-type is gnashing at the rear rubbers of Phil Quaife in his Lister Flat Iron. All, as Phil is trying to make his way up the order from fifth. Stretton takes multiple dives for a pass, to no avail, can he make it past by the end?

You can watch the full 2021 Lavant Cup race here.

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