Embracing the Revival spirit

22nd September 2021
Suzanne Baum

Living life in the fast lane may be what the Goodwood Revival is all about, but there’s so much more to the three-day event than the roars from the track.

As nearly 150,000 guests, actors, musicians, stall-holders, drivers and fans descended upon last year’s Revival – all making as much noise as the engines themselves – we met just a handful of them to tell us just why the annual meeting is the spectacle of the year and why they’ll be back through those gates for many years to come.

Suzanne Judge, hair stylist at Betty’s Salon

“I have been working at the Revival for so many years and every time it’s just so much fun. At Betty’s Salon we are all hairdressers who specialise in creating vintage looks and the beauty of the job is the variety of different clients we get, every one of whom is bubbling with excitement. There is such an element of joy when people dress up and whether it is a beehive they are after or victory rolls, they leave with such a huge smile on their face – you can’t help but soak up the buzzing atmosphere.”

Maria Costello, motorcycle racer

“As someone who is racing here I can honestly say there is nothing like the atmosphere you get at the Circuit. There is something about the fact that everyone has stepped back in time that lifts their spirits – even with my helmet on and the noise of the race track I can feel the energy of the onlookers. As a rider, I don’t get a chance to dress up so being able to put on my vintage gear when I’m off the tracks is such a treat I can’t stop smiling.”

Vic Kara, entertainer

“There is nothing like the Revival in the whole world. I used to travel from my home in California to the event every year – America may have some great things but it doesn’t boast an event which brings together the world of cars and vintage fashion in one place. Epic is the only word I think I can sum it up in. Everyone's here to have fun and let their hair down and even though I love cars, people watching and seeing the incredible effort they have gone to dress up in all their vintage clothes is what it’s all about for me.”


Chloe Brown, second-hand clothes stall owner

“I got the train up from London to come here for the day having heard so much about it and in just two hours my friend and I feel as though we have been transported back in time! We own a shop in Camden so came to source some clothes as the vintage car boot sale sounded so good. We already have our eyes on a pair of shoes donated by Kate Moss and a second-hand Stella McCartney handbag. We have put them both aside for now as we are going to watch Jenson Button race and then hopefully we will be so excited we won’t mind splashing some cash!”

Ryan Goodyear, vintage clothing collector

“This is my first time at the event and even as I drove up from Lincoln I could feel the excitement in the air as I approached. It has literally blown my mind seeing so many vintage cars and clothes in the same place, I’ve never seen anything like it. I work so hard during the week and never get a chance to relax, so coming here has been the perfect way to chill out and because everyone is dressed up you feel the authenticity of the event even more. I will be coming back every year now!”


Imogen Taylor, Revival-goer and mother-of-two

“I live locally and so coming to the Revival was the perfect chance to show off my vintage baby carriage, which is a family keepsake. I have not been out for months so to come here and be able to soak up the atmosphere has been incredible. I’m not really into cars but I am obsessed with vintage fashion so it is the perfect day out for my husband and I and a real bonus that we can bring the kids, too!”

Justin Cottrell, founder of V2 radio station

“Goodwood is like my second home. I live so close by and am here for meetings a lot, but there’s nothing like what I have seen this weekend. As our local radio station set up in lockdown the community is the heart of what we are about, so seeing everyone so happy, especially on the back of the pandemic, is exhilarating. We rebranded our radio station to vintage radio for the event and everything from the music of the 1940s to talking about vintage fashion has provided some great content for our listeners. The Revival has allowed people to finally get to enjoy life again.”


Vincent Marks, car mechanic

“You are never too old to come to the Revival and even though most people are dressed in the era I grew up in, I still feel young at heart when I’m here. Being part of a team that looks after the cars is a privilege, even when it rained so much I had to clean and polish them for ages. It makes me feel good inside, almost like therapy having spent three days working, dancing, waltzing, drinking and mixing with people from all walks of life.”

Bay Garrett, 2021’s Revival Style Advisor

“This is the first time I have been to the Revival and it is magical. I love the fact everyone is so kind and joyful and embracing vintage fashion. There are so many amazing second-hand clothes stalls here and I love the fact the vintage car boot sale has attracted so many people. I am just having such a brilliant time – I’m already looking forward to coming again.”


Paul Marcus, taxi driver

“All the drivers wanted to work at this event – after the worst time in our careers with no work there is nothing more uplifting than having a car load of happy people. All day I have driven from the race course to Chichester station and back again and people are all in such high spirits. It made my day. You get the same crowd that come up from London every year but then there are newcomers, too, who gasp in excitement as we get closer to the site and they hear the roar of the engines, the 1940s music and see the costumes. There is simply nothing like it.”

This year at the Revival, Dandy Wellington will lead the Vintage Style Not Vintage Values series of talks in the Revive and Thrive Village. Book your tickets now for a chance to meet his wonderful community of vintage icons.

Photography by Chris Ison.

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