Solar-powered Lightyear 0 to debut at Revival

14th September 2022
Ethan Jupp

The Lightyear 0, a solar-powered long-range EV, is set to make its production debut at the Goodwood Revival this weekend. This aerodynamically honed saloon comes to us as a part of the Cars of the Future display.


The streamlined 0.19 c/d Lightyear 0 does have something of the 1950s Mercedes Streamliner about it. Indeed, it does resemble in silhouette the German marque’s own recent EQXX prototype, itself a highly experimental vehicle in terms of aerodynamics and drag minimisation. The difference is that you’ll actually be able to buy the Lightyear 0 as it appears at the Goodwood Revival.

Beyond its tapering shape, the Lightyear 0 is a revolutionary EV in a number of ways, most prominently as a solar-powered vehicle. While it can be charged through a plug – indeed, during darker cloudier times it’ll need to be – a sturdy summer could keep the Lightyear 0’s ‘tank’ partly juiced for months at a time, depending on your use case. This is thanks to a five square metre patented double curved set of solar arrays. In the right conditions, it’ll juice up by around 43 miles a day from solar power alone.


We’re excited to see it shown off in person when the Revival kicks off this Friday 16th September and you’ll be able to see it all weekend, through to the close on Sunday 18th September.

The 2022 Goodwood Revival is just a few days away. Don't forget you can watch all three full days of racing action on our live stream here on Goodwood Road & Racing.

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