Video: Corser and Schwab storm the 2018 Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy

18th June 2024
Rachel Roberts
As all the excitement of this year’s Isle of Man TT slowly drifts into memory, we thought we’d take a look back at some bike action of our own – specifically from the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy, one of the highlights of the Goodwood Revival.

Named after the late, great double 50cc world champion of 1976 and ’77, the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy is the sole motorcycle race of the Revival weekend, fought out between grand prix motorcycles of the 1950s and ‘60s and spread across two parts.

IOM TT record-breaker Michael Dunlop has competed in this race numerous times, including last year when he had to retire his bike, and in 2021 when he claimed victory. Today’s clip, however, goes slightly further back, to the second race in 2018 riding along with that year’s winners Troy Corser and wingman Herbert Schwab.

Ride onboard their 1929 BMW R57 Compressor, from a position that feels as though you’re tucked onto the bike with a viewpoint so low you couldn’t possibly get closer to the ground. Showing the race in its entirety, you get to experience everything that it entails, including the sounds of the growling engine and the sweeping lefts and rights the bike undertakes through the bends which may make those prone to motion sickness feel a little dizzy…

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