Video: Reid vs. O’Leary rally co-driver challenge

29th January 2021
Laura Thomson

Toyota’s GR Yaris is a relative newcomer to the scene, but it’s already made a splash. And with two of the world’s best rally drivers behind the wheel at the inaugural SpeedWeek presented by Mastercard, it proved a worthy contender on the new rally Super Special stage.

But the secret to any rally driver’s success is their co-driver, who calmly provides notes, direction, and occasionally screamed warnings, on the upcoming course. But in this hilarious head-to-head challenge, we replaced current Toyota WRC driver Elfyn Evans and multiple WRC rally winner, and boss of the Toyota Gazoo WRC team, Jari-Matti Latvalas’ co-drivers with a pair of presenters. Not just any presenters, however. SpeedWeek stars Dermot O'Leary and Rory Reid hopped into their respective hot seats to take on the task. While they’re used to talking to motorsport talk, would they be able to keep their heads – and lunch – down in the co-drivers’ chair. Watch on to find out…

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