MAR 30th 2014

72MM: Even the party was turbocharged

It was billed as the Motor Circuit’s biggest ever party, and it didn’t disappoint. With the last racing engine switched off for the day on the Saturday of the 72nd Members’ Meeting, the festivities erupted across a transformed airfield in a cacophony of noise, flames, music and fun. With a funfair, fireworks, circus big top, discos, live bands and some of the most imaginative (and often fire-breathing!) attractions in the land, the Goodwood Motor Circuit had never seen anything like this before.


72MM 2014 party  MarcusDodridge_0177 R Expectations were sky high as a large and expectant crowd gathered at the gates for the festivities to begin – slightly behind schedule as the motor racing overran into the early evening. It was becoming almost a night race! But with the last car put away, the insistent beat of drums announced that the party was on, and guests nine (and below!) to 90 years old flooded the ‘Main Street’. Wide-eyed astonishment followed for the next three hours. 72MM 2014 party AmyShore_0476 R The day’s brilliant sunshine had turned into a mild, calm evening and – incredible as it sounds for March in England – partygoers were happily sitting outside in shirt sleeves at the bars and eateries that lined the festival site. And for the less hardy there were always the warming braziers, kept well stocked with logs and sending the heady scent of wood smoke into the evening air. Meanwhile inside the Great Hall, with its rows of candle-lit trestle tables, eating and drinking was accompanied by all manner of fun and games including a choir singing the numbers to Musical Bingo. You had to be there. With so much going on the festivities went by in a flash and it was soon time for the grand fireworks display and more general jaw-dropping as, with perfect musical coordination, the sky towards Lavant exploded in light, colour and noise. All too soon this unique occasion in the Motor Circuit’s history, and a fitting first-day finale to the extraordinary success that has been the 72nd Members’ Meeting, was over. And as signs outside the Great Hall requested, pupils not staying in dorms were indeed picked up by their parents by 10pm. It was going to be a big day tomorrow… 72MM 2014 party AmyShore_0567 R

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