MAR 30th 2014

Cars that rock 72MM: Bentley R‑type 'Gooda' Special

The Bentley R-type ‘Gooda’ Special is well known in Bentley circles, and the 72nd Members’ Meeting has today given visitors a rare opportunity to see it competing in the UK.

It’s also first competitive appearance at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. It started life as a regular R-type but, when it was rolled in the 1960s, owner Bob Gooda decided to rebody it with the wildly rakish aluminium panels you see today. Post accident, it went into competition with the Bentley Racing Drivers’ Club.

Bentley R-type Gooda 72MM 2014 02969

Most of its competition history is circuit based, but there are some historic photos showing it taking on auto solo contests on grass. There’s no doubt that there was little fear in taking the car by the scruff of its neck and getting it dirty. There can’t be many ways of sliding around a grassy field that are more stylish!

The car is now owned by American GRRC member Terry O’Reilly who shipped it to JD Classics last year in the hope of getting an entry into the 72nd Members’ Meeting. When the entry was secured, work began to prepare the car. Brakes and steering were overhauled, and the fuel system was upgraded. Although the car finished last in its Tony Gaze Trophy outing, JD Classics director Derek Hood commented that he was happy with the car’s performance and reliability.

Bentley R-type Gooda 72MM 2014 02967

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