JAN 29th 2015

Video: How to restore a very early Porsche 911 (part 1)

In a tad over seven weeks time the 73rd Members’ Meeting will be underway and Goodwood will reverberate to the sounds of Group 1 Touring Cars, high-airbox F1 cars, Group C Le Mans machines, and of course the much-anticipated Porsche 911-only race, amongst others.

We were treated to a sensational on-board perspective of what an early, short-wheelbase 911 is like to drive around Goodwood recently, courtesy of ace Porsche racer Mark Sumpter. Now, it turns out that Porsche itself is affording us a glimpse into the world of early 911s  by recording the process of restoring the earliest 911 it has in its possession – chassis number 57.

As you can see from the footage of it stripped to the bare bones, it’s rough. Not a full-on basket-case, but rough. Naturally, their aim is to use as many of the car’s original parts as possible.

Porsche will, hopefully, upload more content as it progresses through the build, and it goes without saying that the attention to detail with this car will be exemplary, as every last nut and bolt will be inspected and refurbished by the very factory that built it.

Shame it won’t be racing at the Members’ Meeting. Or will it …?

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