OCT 30th 2015

Video: Flat‑Out and Fearless ‑ Screaming 3.0 Capri Battle

We like to think that at GRR we get things right most of the time, but there might be a case here for something of an amendment. You see, a few days ago we shared this outstanding video of a Camaro Z28 tearing around Monza with an Escort Mk1, Rover SD1, Capri and BMW 635 in the splendid Peter Auto Heritage Touring Cup.

Jim Clark Rally Promo Ford Capri 73MM

We boldly claimed in the post’s title: ‘Now THIS is Touring Car Racing’ and we stand by that, because it is. However, today’s celebration of this year’s Festival of Speed theme – taken from the 73rd Members’ Meeting‘s Gerry Marshall Trophy race – must surely share such lofty billing.

Here we have none other than Spa Francorchamps’ General Manager Pierre-Alain Thibault driving a Belga-liveried Group One Ford Capri 3.0S, and it’s pretty sensational. After a strong first lap in which he advanced no fewer than nine positions he settles down for a battle royal with some more Capris and surprisingly rapid BMW 530i, during which things get extremely hairy on a number of occasions, the hairiest of which comes towards the end where oil on the track causes cars to be scattered in all directions! The unwelcome appearance of the viscous stuff on the blacktop precedes the Capri’s unfortunate retirement where we see it park up in the parc ferme next to a Porsche 962, as you do.

73MM Thibaut Capri 73MM

But despite not registering a finish, the Capri and Monsieur Thibault command much respect for some very hard and fair racing which involved much opposite lock and more than one occasion where there were wheels on the grass at Fordwater – the quickest corner on the circuit. Magic. Oh and as for the noise produced by the Capri’s V6 …

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