FEB 04th 2015

Video: How to drive an early Porsche 911 around Spa

When ace Porsche pilot Mark Sumpter was here before Christmas driving the wheels off an early (short wheelbase) Porsche 911, we though that it looked like a bit of a twitchy handful. Having seen this footage of Roman Caresani pedaling his not-dissimilar car around Spa Francorchamps, we stand by our initial verdict.

We came across this clip hoping to learn more about the handling characteristics of these 911s ahead of the pre-’67 911-only Aldington Trophy race at next month’s 73rd Members’ Meeting. The way to get around a circuit quickly is generally considered to be the smooth way; maintain traction and try to keep all four wheels pointing in the same direction as much as you possibly can, but we’re really not sure if this applies to early, short wheelbase 911s!

This is another prime example of skill and experience as Mr Caresani hustles and slides the car around the mighty Spa Francorchamps circuit, often passing other fast machinery. Despite how busy he is in the corners though, he doesn’t seem to be wrestling with the car – just rather in tune with how it wants to be driven.

Can you imagine a field full of these cars sliding around and jockeying for position through Madgwick? This is going to be superb!

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