FEB 26th 2015

Video: On‑Board the Thundering 'Faberge' Camaro at 73MM test day

We’re still buzzing here from the many wondrous sights and sounds that we were treated to during the first official Members’ Meeting test day on Tuesday. Luckily for us, we managed to get hold of a couple of laps worth of on-board footage from Nigel Garrett’s ‘Faberge’ Chevrolet Camaro, which he shared with Stuart Graham to such stunning effect at last year’s 72nd Members’ Meeting.

As we mentioned in our report from Tuesday, Nigel and Stuart had been beavering away on the car to get it to put down its (huge!) power more efficiently. Judging by this clip, we’d say that they were getting there… at the very least!

Again, this is just a testing clip and as such falls a little short of the excitement of a ‘How to drive…’ video, but for a couple of brisk laps in one of the best-sounding cars on the day, it’ll do nicely!

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