MAR 20th 2015

73MM Gallery: The art of the high‑airbox F1 car

To see the early arrivers at Goodwood gazing with such admiration at the mid-Seventies F1 cars is an indication of the fondness with which these cars are remembered. Has there been a more visually-memorable Grand Prix era?

Although Cosworth engines were by far the most popular (Lotus, McLaren, March, Shadow et al), we have Ferraris, a BRM and a couple of Matra-engined cars to represent the V12 fraternity. Don’t they look stunning? Tomorrow and Sunday we’re going to be treated to the sight of them circulating Goodwood at speed and without the restriction of a pace car!

We are truly beside ourselves with anticipation. Want to see them running yourself, but can’t make it down? We have you covered! 


Photography: Stephanie Callaghan and Nicole Hains



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