MAR 20th 2015

73MM Gallery: The McLaren F1 GTRs

Although it’s been common knowledge for some time now that we were going to assemble a large number of Mclaren F1 GTRs at the 73rd Members’ Meeting, to see them lined-up in Paddock One is a shock to the system. Quite simply, this is one of the most stunning sights you’re likely to see in world motorsport this year. 

At the time of publishing there were still several yet to show up, but we’re sure you’ll agree that the sight of the GTRs that were here warranted sharing. Now imagine that opposite the McLaren F1s is a line-up of Group C cars and that next to them is a collection of high-airbox F1 cars from the mid-Seventies… and you still won’t have an impression of what it’s like here because there are Lola T70s, McLaren M1Bs, lightweight E-Types, Cobras, pre-war Grand Prix machinery and so very much more besides.

We are almost drowning in rare and wonderful cars; it’s a petrol-head’s dream. And tomorrow we even get to see them on-track!

Want to see them running yourself? 

Photography: Nicole Hains and Stephanie Callaghan



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