MAR 21st 2015

73MM practice highlights


The Taylor Trophy cars were out for the first time this weekend, and it was Ivo Goeckmann’s Jolus-Ford which came out on top with a time of 1:32.314, clinching pole by over half-a-second.

Les Leston Trophy

The Les Leston Trophys 19060-’66 British sportscars were also out for a 15-minute session. Rod Begbie would come out on top in his TVR Grantura MkIII, setting a dominant 1:37.367 to lead by 1.1 seconds.

Graham Hill Trophy

The pre-1966 sportscars, including a jaw-dropping array of cars including Jaguar E-Types and AC Cobras, took to the track. After 30-minutes on track it was the Ac Cobra of Rob Hall and Andrew Wolfe that finished at the head of timings, lapping at 1:25.064 to end the session 0.4-seconds clear of the field.

Bruce McLaren Trophy

The mighty 1960-’66 prototype and Can-Am cars track time was as exciting as the noise they make. Nissan racer Al Buncombe provided most of the action, taking fourth fastest, and a little trip to the grass. Out front Nicholas Padmore took the Lola-Chevrolet T70 to top-spot with stunning a 1:18.072.

Sopwith Cup

The majestic 1950s saloons of the Sopwith Cup delighted the crowd with a drift filled display during practice. And it wasn’t until the very last moment of the session that Richard Meins snatched top spot with a 1:39.646 lap in his Austin A40.

Earl Howe Trophy

The rumbling pre-war Formula Libre and grand prix  stars of the Earl Howe Trophy put on an exciting show during practice. Full-on four-wheel drifts were the fashion of the day as the drivers hit lean angles Valentino Rossi would be jealous of. When it was over it was Sam Danaher’s Maserati 8CM that finished a full two-seconds  clear of the field with a time of 1:40.857.

Hawthorne Trophy

In honour of the late world champion the Hawthorne Trophy’s rare collection of front-engined, single-seaters took to the track for their practice session. After the 15-minutes was over it was the Connaught C-Type of Michael Steele who was on top with a time of 1:31.946, putting him 0.6-seconds clear of the field.

Salvadori Cup

The prototypes from 1955-1960 put on a spectacular, albeit truncated, show in practice for the Salvadori Cup. After the session came to an end it was Le Mans racer Sam Hancock who was over a second clear of the field with a blistering 1:27.212 lap.

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