MAR 24th 2015

Cars that Rock 73MM: 1962 WSM


To answer the inevitable question; WSM stands for Wilson-Spratt & McManus. The car began life as an MG Midget Mk1, owned by a director of famous tuning firm Alexander Engineering. Then one day said director smashed up the Midget whose remains were acquired by a certain Mike Lewis, who apparently fancied a Midget-based special …


To achieve this he contacted his brother-in-law Douglas Wilson-Spratt, who’d founded the Healey Centre with Jim McManus and who’d also started to build WSMs or ‘Wuzzums’ as they’re affectionately known. They added their bodywork to what was left of the Midget and created the car you see here – the second of nine Wuzzums. Apparently six are still known to exist and two of those are with us at the 73rd Members’ Meeting.


Mike Lewis used the car for a few years, racing it all over the country in club sprint events -including at Goodwood – until it was sold and made its way to Scotland. There it stayed for many years, seemingly off the radar, until it resurfaced in the mid-Nineties and was restored by Paul Woolmer. In 2001 it was finished and, fittingly, was pressed back in to club racing duty. After passing through a few hands it now belongs to Graham Robson who brought it to 73MM.


‘It’s running a 1293cc engine now’ Graham tells us. ‘I’d say it’s giving around 115bhp, but of course it’s very light so performance is pretty good. And the handling? ‘Twitchy… like a go-kart.’ 

He smiles and pauses before adding: ‘So much fun!’

Photographs: Adam Beresford




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