MAR 17th 2015

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Games__House_Captains170315_Goodwood_Members_Meeting005Members’ Meeting differs considerably from September’s Revival. As well as being a tad more ‘at-ease’ in general there are no paddock access restrictions, crowd numbers are kept lower, and cars are invited whose age would otherwise preclude them from involvement in the Revival meeting. Oh, and daffodils. Lots of daffodils!

Another key difference is the House System and the fact that race-goers (both members and non-members) can participate and win points for their house. Here’s a reminder as to how it works …

There are four houses: Aubigny, Darnley, Methuen and Torbolton (each is a title held at one point or another by the Duke of Richmond.) Each house has a racing driver for its Captain: Nic Minassian for Aubigny, Jochen Mass for Darnley, Anthony Reid for Methuen and Emanuele Pirro for Torbolton

Games__House_Captains170315_Goodwood_Members_Meeting010All competing drivers are allotted houses too, and will be scoring house points out on track in each race, as will be the captains. Points are awarded for the first 10 finishers of each race, as well as for fastest lap, qualifying positions, best turned-out car and most spirited drive.

But these points can be added to by you, the racegoer, by taking part in a number of off-track activities as follows:


On the Games Field:

  •  Convert a rugby try or throw a wellie

  •  Take a cricket wicket

  •  Score in the hockey penalty shootout

  •  Sink a golf put

  •  Score a football free kick

  •  Score a netball goal

  •  Throw a javelin

  •  Score a lacrosse goal and

  •  Throw a shot put

In the Social Club:

  •  Hit the bullseye at darts

  •  Win a game of pool

On the Hurricane Lawn:

  •  Sports Day: Egg and Spoon race

  •  Sports Day: Sack Race

  •  Sports Day: Three-Legged Race

  •  Sports Day: Obstacle Race

  •  Sports Day: Mum and Dad race

  •  Wrestling: Learn a Move

  •  Wrestling: Win a match

  •  Tug of War

At Lavant Corner:

  •  Duck Herding (Yes, you read that correctly…)

On the Supershell Lawn:

  •  Scalextric Race 

  •  Buzz Wire

  •  Splat the Rat

  •  Obstacle Course

  •  Conkers

On the March Lawn:

  •  Croquet

  •  Quoits

  •  Giant Jenga

  •  Giant Connect Four

  •  Skittles

  •  Boules

On the Skid Pan

  •  Tow Test

  •  Kart Race

At the Party

  •  Coconut Shy

  • Fishing Game

  •  Shooting Game

  •  Ball-in-the-hole Game

  •  Strongman

Games__House_Captains170315_Goodwood_Members_Meeting001In addition to these activities there are Quiz Booths on the Brooklands Lawn, Startline Cafe, Oily Rag and the Chicane bar if you fancy more of a cerebral challenge. Members were allotted houses before last year’s event, but if any of you could do with a reminder as to which house you’re cheering on or earning points for, your wristband maybe scanned at either the Hospitality Area or at any of the Information Points. Non-member guests may approach each activity point where they will be ascribed to a house as a guest for the day. 

Oh, and you’ll no doubt have heard by now about the three-car shoot-out between the Mercedes-Benz 300SEL, Mercedes-AMG GT and the Mercedes-AMG F1 car? Well, as a bonus at 3:45 and 4:00 on Saturday two GRRC members will be picked by each house captain to change a wheel on the F1 car. Fastest time wins the points!

So, there’s quite a lot going on.

Did we mention there’s racing, too?

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