MAR 19th 2015

Gallery: 73MM ‑ the early arrivers

Today has been a very special day for us at the circuit. In the midst of a small army of workers going flat-out to make sure that racegoers have the best time possible, we’ve been watching a steady stream of cars arrive ready for the 73rd Members’ Meeting. Trust us, the circuit looks amazing, but it’s the addition of the cars that really brings Goodwood to life.

We’ve decided not to show you absolutely everything that has turned up (wait until you see tomorrow’s gallery!), but we’re sure you’ll agree that what we have included in the gallery above gives a good impression of what’s in store on Saturday and Sunday.

So, with the sun setting and workshops around Europe likely to still be working away on last-minute details (or for that matter realising that there’s a bigger problem and preparing for a last-ditch all-nighter), we give you the 73rd Members’ Meeting early arrivers.

Can you name all of them?


Photography: Andrew Craig

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