MAR 20th 2015

Gallery: 73MM ‑ The Gathering

What began yesterday as a trickle has now developed into a glorious and uncontrollable flood of the kind of cars we dream about. No sooner have we run to the end of the paddock to see a Bugatti Type 35 turn up when a race transporter opens up at the other end to reveal yet another McLaren F1 GTR. Every time we venture outside another one has turned up. Goodwood has come alive.

The Members’ Meeting attracts a diversity of cars which is surely second to none; pre-war Bugattis and Alfa Romeos rub shoulders with mid-Seventies high-airbox F1 cars, Cobras, E-Types, Group C cars, Can-Am McLarens and Lolas, a racing Morris Minor Police car (seriously …) and of course our ever-growing phalanx of McLaren F1 GTRs.

We’re going to bring you a full gallery later today, by which time most of the cars will have arrived. In the mean time here’s a quick review what has already arrived, being unloaded, pushed towards scrutineering and generally being readied for the weekend ahead.

Right, we’re of outside again to see how much the F1 GTR collection has grown by!

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