MAR 21st 2015

Seconds away... team captains join the Mercedes F1 pit crew at 73MM

The four team captains were locked in deadly combat at the 73rd Members’ Meeting this afternoon – not on the track but in the pits. 

Sporting their hats and blazers (but also eye protectors and gloves),  the leaders of Methuen, Darnley, Torbolton and Aubigny got down on their knees for the Pitstop Challenge. 

The task? To change wheels on the 2013 ex-Lewis Hamilton Mercedes W04 F1 car, as driven earlier in the day in the IWC ‘Track Moment’ by Anthony Davidson.

And they had to do it against the clock. All just for fun of course… apart from the small matter of winning points for their houses…

First up were Jochen Mass (Darnley) and Emanuele Pirro (Torbolton). In a tight contest, both former F1 drivers set about the gleaming Merc with enthusiasm. If also shards of aluminium (titanium?) from over-enthusiastic use of the gun. As someone said, ‘That’s rounded that nut off nicely…’ 

In a best of three contest Jochen’s team emerged winners 2-1. 


Then it was the turn of Nic Minassian (Aubigny) and Anthony Reid (Methuen) to take an end of the Merc each. This time it was a 3-0 victory to… Aubigny, thanks to GRR’s favourite French racing driver handling the wheelnut gun like a pro. 

Afterwards Anthony Reid told us: ‘Yes, Nic was quicker than me. This is harder than it looks. You need a lot of upper body strength to handle that gun. It took us about four and a half seconds to change the wheel. The quick guys change a wheel in 2.2secs. 

‘Lewis Hamilton would not be pleased if I was on his left front corner…’

Photography: Stephanie o’ Callaghan


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