MAR 21st 2015

The biggest ever gathering of high‑airbox F1 cars – in action!

Never before have so many F1 cars from the high-airbox era been gathered in one place. There are more here than in any grand prix in period and, while this was a high speed demonstration rather than a race, there was no pace car and the speeds were just that – high.

With 32 cars on the entry list, the demo was split into two groups. In all, the cars at Goodwood spanned 1971 to 1975. In 1976, a new rule came into force that stated that the airboxes couldn’t be higher than the roll-over bar. But before that, towering airboxes of all shapes were the order of the day –  as you’ll see in our gallery above.

Photography: Jochen van Cauwenberge

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