MAR 21st 2015

The house points – day one's reckoning

With points from the last race of the day still to be allocated, reigning house champion Methuen had its nose in front at the end of the first day of the 73rd Members’ Meeting. 

But a hard-charging Aubigny, which had been leading the inter-house competition earlier in the day, was looking strong in second place.

As we write this the tallies are: 

Methuen (house captain Anthony Reid) 2199 points
Aubigny (Nic Minassian) 1965
Darnley (Jochen Mass) 1217
Torbolton (Emanuele Pirro) 1172

Most points are awarded for race wins but with a big range of sports and activities on offer for everyone to have a go at, much of the teams’ success was put down to great efforts on the games field and kart track. 

The four house captains went head to head in the tow test. All four scored the maximum 10 points by not crashing the caravan or overturning the boat, while by common consent Anthony Reid set FTD – not that it earned him any extra points. 

‘I should be good at towing because I used to tow a lot of racing cars in the old days and not many drivers do that now,’ Anthony told us. Yeah right. Anthony doesn’t do slow whether there’s something hitched to the back or not. 


The drivers also went head to head in the IWC Pitstop Challenge. After a stunning display with the wheel gun by Nic Minassian, the spoils here went to Aubigny house.

In the Scalextric tent, adults and children were queueing up to try their hand on the circuit, a very passable representation of Goodwood. A good lap time? Around 10secs. Best performance of the day went to an Methuen house member who clocked up 14 laps in two minutes. 

On the sports field – where games included football, cricket, lacrosse, rugby, shotput and others – willing participants numbered in their thousand according to the games masters. Methuen took an early lead – thanks in part to some spectacular rugby conversion kicking – chased hard by Aubigny.  

Overnight leader Anthony Reid told us: ‘The competition has definitely hotted up this year. We have a lot to live up to and it’s not going to be easy on the Sunday. But we are well up for the challenge!’

Nic Minassian wasn’t giving up though. ‘We were leading earlier today and we can lead again. It can all turn around on the circuit.’


Meanwhile despite a stirring last-minute race win by Emanuele Pirro, Torbolton has a lot to do on the Sunday. 

And what went wrong for Darnley? Jochen Mass was clear: ‘I missed out on the duck herding. I would have been good at duck herding…’

There’s always tomorrow Jochen…


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