MAR 02nd 2015

Video: Chris Harris meets Take That's Howard Donald – and drives his classic 911 racer

Supposing you own a classic Porsche 911 racer that’s eligible for the Aldington Trophy at the 73rd Members’ Meeting, but you haven’t yet got around to securing your race licence. You’d still want to see the car out there on the grid, surely? And, before you threw the keys to your chosen racing driver, you’d want to meet him before the event, right?



Howard Donald from Take That owns just such a car, and it’s GRR’s own Chris Harris who will be racing it at 73MM. At last week’s Members’ Meeting test day, Harris had the chance to drive the car and get familiar with it before the main event rolls around in a few short weeks.

In this video, Chris meets Howard before taking the car on track with a GoPro on board for some hot-lapping footage. So, have you secured your tickets for 73MM yet?

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