MAR 31st 2015

Video: McLaren's take on its F1 GTRs at 73MM

We know that we might have spoken a few times of the largest ever gathering of McLaren F1 GTRs at the 73rd Goodwood Members’ Meeting, but anybody who saw the machines there in person will understand us dwelling on the subject just a bit longer. After all, one does not simply assemble the biggest gathering of one of the all-time-great road and racing cars and then move on without reflection, surely?


Our latest reason (excuse?) to revisit the momentous occasion is to share with you a film McLaren itself has made about the historic gathering. In it we see the cars arrive at the circuit and hear from Steve Soper, Derek Bell, Kenny Brack and McLaren Chief Test Driver Chris Goodwin about their memories of the famous machines.

Towards the end we’re treated to the sight (and the sound … Oh the sound!) of Marino Franchitti appearing to have an indecent amount of fun at the helm of a GTR. Can you spot the point where he sees himself live-on-track on the big screen?

Damn these cars are fast …


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