APR 01st 2015

73MM Snapper's Selection No3 ‑ Dominic James

Photographing at Goodwood is one of the highlights of my year, it is working on a giant living, breathing, evolving studio set. Cars to die for everywhere you turn, drivers you’ve watched on the TV wandering around the paddocks with the punters, past and future legends talking shop and to Joe next door. Behind all of this is one of the most amazing racing circuits anywhere in the world, with a brilliant team that run it.Snappers_Selec_part_2_promo_31032015

I try to capture moments that tell stories with my photography and, with my brief in hand, I set out and observe. I look for the intimacy, the composition and lighting that will give me a magic moment and tell a story.

In my selection of images for this gallery, I chose to kick off with my favourite shot of the weekend. I was on my way to shoot another shot with a 24mm tilt and shift lens. I wanted to capture lots of depth of field images, and so had it mounted on a big tripod. I spotted Freddie Hunt, in his father’s F1 car, on the grid, surrounded by hundreds of people. I managed to negotiate my way to the front of the crowd and asked Freddie if he minded if I set my tripod up and over the front wing of the car, I wanted an angle to get the crowd in at the same time and needed it for an 80th of a second at f/14 shot. He looked up at just the right moment. I took four shots  and then slipped away back to base. I had the depth of field I was looking for, a rock steady base to shoot it on, giving me an image that had all the elements in, and in the middle was this calm young man, looking just like his father.

The last few images were taken from in the late afternoon, when the golden hour kicked in. The clouds broke, and the sunset just poured onto the track. Bouncing off the shiny gloss paint and stainless steel pipes of the cars, coming off the track or sitting on the grid for the last race of the day, it was a truly magic moment to witness and hopefully capture with the photography.

And my last shot, just summed up the feeling from the whole weekend.

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