APR 20th 2015

73MM Snapper's Selection No6 ‑ Tom Shaxson

As a local, I feel a particularly close connection to Goodwood, which has played a huge part in my family’s social calendar over the years.


So in many ways, to be at my first Members’ Meeting felt very natural and yet in another way, as a young photographer (nineteen-years-old), I couldn’t quite believe my good fortune to be there in a professional capacity, meeting and working with people whose work I have enjoyed and admired for so long.

My role at the 73rd Members’ Meeting was in two halves, both behind the scenes assisting in the media centre and behind the camera. It was exciting to experience the event from two very different perspectives, but I made sure I arrived at the crack of dawn on both days to capture the wonderful sunrise scenes.

My favourite shot of the weekend was a rear shot of the ISO A3/C taken as the sun was setting, it was the final shot I took of a fabulous weekend filled with unbelievably exciting racing, spectacular cars and a truly inclusive atmosphere.

Counting down the days to the festival of speed.

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