APR 22nd 2015

73MM Snapper's Selection No7 ‑ Amy Shore

The Members’ Meeting is a really personal event for me. It was the first major event that I had ever shot when starting out as an automotive photographer 18 months ago and at the beginning of the 72nd Members’ Meeting, it’s safe to say I was nervous. Thankfully, this year, I was geared up and ready for a weekend of incredible sights, sounds and smells. The mechanics laughing over a brew, the growls of the engines being started in the paddocks, the smells of the food (oh my, the food!), and that’s before any racing has begun!

Snappers_Selection_Tom_73MM_Promo_21042015 Whenever I photograph at Goodwood, I find my interest primarily focused on the people of the automotive world more than the cars themselves. As you’ll be able to see in my favourite shots, the majority of them are all people-based. I love the emotions that motor racing and cars bring out in those around them, from the drivers, the engineers, the punters to the marshals. Everyone has their own story of how and why they’re there and I love to try and capture just a little piece of that. I love the interaction between the drivers, between the mechanics, the little moment where you just had to be at the right place at the right time to get the shot.

I hope the shots tell a little about the weekend at Goodwood and the story of the 73rd Members’ Meeting. It was cold and pretty grey for the most part, but I find those circumstances work great for black and white shots. As soon as the sun began to appear at the end of Sunday afternoon, I was hunting for that light! My favourite shot from the weekend would have to be the shot of Swedish driver, Magnus Ahlqvist, rubbing his head before a race.

I can honestly say, I adore shooting for Goodwood and cannot wait for the next time I’m there!

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