APR 28th 2015

Video: A Spy In The #73MM High‑Airbox Paddock

The 73rd Members’ Meeting was an incredible whirlwind of cars, spectators and duck herding, that you really had to experience in person to believe.

We’ve shared all the track action from the event already, but 73MM race visitors were just as enthralled by the goings on in the ‘open-to-all’ paddocks – the event’s ‘right crowd and no crowding’ formula allowing unfettered access to amazing sights and sounds.

Videographer Leigh Emmerson was filming various bits and bobs for Goodwood over the weekend, but in-between jobs couldn’t resist pointing his camera at the unfolding paddock scenes.

This is Leigh’s personal ‘B-roll’ edit, showcasing what it felt like to be slap-bang in the middle of it all just as the high-airbox F1 cars headed out for their brilliant demo.

So no story, just a snapshot of the noise and spectacle behind the scenes that helps make the Members’ Meeting so unique. Enjoy!

73MM Full Race Promo

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