APR 17th 2015

Video: Chris Harris vs The BTCC Boys At 73MM

I knew the Gerry Marshall Trophy was going to be fun when, on the green flag lap, I watched Tim Harvey pull an enormous slide in his Dolomite Sprint coming out of Lavant. From that point on, I didn’t stop grinning for a good five hours – and the race was over in under one!


The video tells the story of the race, so I won’t spoil it here. Suffice to say we started out of position and only made it to the grid because of the sterling work of the JD Classics mechanics.

The TT Celebration at the Goodwood Revival is rightly considered by many to be the finest classic motor race, but if like me you have a weakness for this era of saloon cars, the Gerry Marshall Trophy must run it close. I keep watching those Capris and smiling!

Enjoy the video.

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