FEB 19th 2016

Video: 0.018 Seconds – The Closest Finish Ever?

The Derek Bell Cup for F3 ‘screamers’ was one of the highlights of the 73rd Members’ Meeting, and as a result it’s a race we will be repeating in a month’s time at the 74th meeting. What we’re not sure we can repeat is the incredible finish you see above.

Fiat Isotta promo

After 14 laps of tight racing the leaders entered Woodcote corner just a few car lengths apart, with the March-Ford 703 of James King stalking the leading Chevron-Ford B17 steered by Simon Armer.

It seemed like Armer was going to hold for the win, but then the pressure King had been putting on the leader seemed to finally tell, as Armer locked up on the way into the chicane, ruining his chances of getting a good exit.

Derek Bell Cup finish 73MM

So the pair raced toward the line side-by-side, with absolutely nothing to separate them to the naked eye. Who would win? We won’t spoil that surprise, but what we will say is that it was close. In fact with just 0.018 seconds separating the pair it was the closest finish in Goodwood history, but was it the closest finish in motor racing history?

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