MAR 24th 2016

74MM Snappers' Selection – Drew Gibson

Drew Gibson is a freelance automotive photographer best know for his sportscar and endurance photography. Drew covers races in a creative style, aiming to show the drama and spectacle of the racing through his colourful and artistic images

Darracq 74MM Promo

He said: ‘As usual at any of Goodwood’s motorsport events, the Members’ Meeting was a difficult balancing act of trying to cover the races and demonstrations on track, but also capturing the atmosphere and stories in the paddock. To be honest, for someone who loves all things four-wheeled (and a lot of things two…) like myself, it is an impossible balancing act. If the Members’ Meeting was two weeks long, but with no more cars, there would still be pictures I wanted to take, but did not have time, such is the variety and interest of the cars at the event.

‘As a child of the ’80s the Super Tourers were a highlight for me this year, I loved seeing those awesome Touring Cars back on track, and it brought memories flooding back of happy days as a teenager watching Cleland, Reid and Rydell bang mirrors. I’m looking forward to having too much to shoot at Goodwood Festival of Speed later this year!’

Words and Photography by Drew Gibson

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