MAR 22nd 2016

Gallery: Gerry Marshall Trophy Part 2

The Gerry Marshall Trophy arguably provided some of the 74th Members’ Meeting’s most scintillating motor sport. Everything from big burbling Rover SD1s and Chevy Camaros to agile little Minis and Dolomites were savaging the course with their most competitive driving. 

Gerry Marshall Trophy

The unique cresting long curves and switchbacks that comprise the iconic Goodwood Motor Circuit had the heavier V8 machines gloriously four-wheel drifting whilst the Minis scrabbled round at full chat – often on three wheels (always if Nick Swift was at the helm).

The, shall we say, potted reliability of some competitors made things interesting too, with Tiff Needell’s ill-fated SD1 taking a dislike to the oil in its engine and promptly dispensing with it just beyond Fordwater. The subsequent slick made for a compelling challenge for some other competitors.

Gerry Marshall Trophy Part 2

These are the kind of plot twists that are best played out in the Gerry Marshall Trophy and, as luck would have it, our photographers were on site to capture the action in all its glory. Have a browse of the gallery above.

Photography by Tom Shaxson and Adam Beresford and Marcus Dodridge

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