MAR 19th 2016

Gallery: The Calm Before The Storm

A cold morning at the Goodwood circuit pre-event shenanigans is always something that knots the stomach. A feeling of a calm before the storm.

74th Members' Meeting live stream promo 74MM

Take a wander to calm the mind and a veritable army of period competition motorcars slumbering in their paddocks, covers beading with the condensation of a spring sunrise greets you. Such an ensemble doesn’t necessarily help the calming, rather, tending to catalyse the fizzing anticipation that’s building amid the eery silence.

Whether it’s the highly strung Ground Effect F1 weapons, the fleet of GT40 endurance monsters, the animalistic Super Tourers or the ballistic two-stroke bikes, whatever your four- (or for the first time at Meembers’ Meeting, two!) wheeled poison, everything has one thing in common at this point. A sense of still. Where there will be noise, everything is silent, and where there will be heat, everything is cold.

74MM Early Gallery

Translation: bloody wars are we excited for the 74th Members’ Meeting to kick off and all of that metal and kevlar sitting in the paddocks is only stoking the vibe.

Because it’s all really rather pretty, we’re delighted to share the final static gallery before the Hunt takes to the track to officially open proceedings the 74th Members’ Meeting. Enjoy.

Photography by Tom Shaxson

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