MAR 09th 2016

In Praise Of The Mighty Ford Capri

‘Until I got into it I thought I was the last person to drive a Capri,’ Ludovic Lindsay told GRR this week at the last test day before the 74th Members’ Meeting on 19-20 March. ‘I think the first Capri I ever saw was owned by Matron at school.’

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‘Ludo’ admits to being ‘a bit sniffy’ about the Ford… but then he was offered a drive in Peter Whelan’s 1976 Capri III S – the ‘Hermetite’ car – and was quickly sold on it.

‘It was after two or three laps of the circuit and I was driving through No Name when I suddenly thought, hang on, this is as much if not more fun than a car costing literally a hundred times more.’

Coming from someone who last year alone raced Aston Martin Project 214, AC Cobra, Cunningham and Cooper-Jaguar, a comment like that takes on a certain significance.

Ludovic Lindsay Ford Capri

‘The Capri is such an entertaining, comfortable car to drive. It is not as powerful as some of the historics I have raced, an ERA for instance is a more powerful car, and the E-types and Cobras are quicker. But the Capri is really nice and forgiving – you can see why their prices have shot up.

‘The historic touring car zeitgeist didn’t exist three or four years ago on a big scale but now with races like this at Goodwood it has taken off and I can see why people are buying up the cars.’

This will be the third outing at MM for the Capri, which will be shared this year by Ludovic and Mark Waghorn in the two-part Gerry Marshall trophy.

Ludovic Lindsay Ford Capri

Their chances this year? ‘Last year we were mid field, up against the Rover SD1s and Dolomite Sprints. This year there are some very quick cars out there, and some drivers who race these historic cars as though they were still touring cars…’

Anything else Ludo would like to be racing at MM this year? ‘Something in the S.F. Edge Trophy would be good, a car like the Mors that’s here today. They are just fantastic cars and I love them. Every 100 yards is an adventure in one of those cars…’

Photography by Tom Shaxson

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