MAR 22nd 2016

This Bugatti Brescia Punches Above Its Weight

When the Bugatti Type 13 scored a 1-2-3-4 at the 1921 Brescia Grand Prix, all subsequent four-valve Bugatti models capitalised on the success by adopting the Brescia moniker. The 1922 model here has just undergone a two-year restoration for which all the engine components, barring the Solex carburettors, had to be fabricated from scratch.

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The rebuild was complete just in the nick of time for Members’ Meeting, and the very first time it was driven was the 20-odd mile trip to circuit for the race. ‘Testing them on the road is a must really,’ says Oliver Way who was responsible for the rebuild. ‘They have numberplates, so why not?’ By the time it had completed qualifying and the race, it had driven a total of around 40 miles. Despite being so fresh from the rebuild, the car ran perfectly reliably.

Bugatti Brescia

Oliver’s brother William was the driver, and he had an off on the final lap of the S.F. Edge Trophy. But there had been glorious moments during the race, especially given the car’s tiny 1,500cc capacity. ‘I think everything else in the race was at least twice its capacity,’ says Oliver. ‘I suspect the next smallest car was probably a 3.0-litre so it was doing very well.’

The car is owned by Rebekkah Dyer, and her husband Niall was driving his 8.0-litre aero-engined Mors in the same race. ‘It overtook him, so that was quite good! It was going very well.’ And it’s still running for the journey home.

Bugatti Brescia

Photography by Pete Summers

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