MAR 18th 2016

Video: 3 Epic Overtakes From 73MM

If like us you’re knee-quiveringly excited for the on-track shenanigans of 74th Members’ Meeting, then you might appreciate some “best of” material from last year.

Find below a carefully selected trio of outstanding on-limit overtake antics from the 73rd Members’ Meeting that we hope will whet your palettes ready for the weekend.

74th Members' Meeting live stream promo 74MM

First up the Chinook-Chevrolet vs Lola T70 Spyder. An ambitious outside line bid for the lead that ultimately pays off. Watch as the Chinook wiggles on the limit of adhesion as it inches closer to the Lola.

Next, a spectacular sweeping move by a Daytona Coupe against a Shelby Cobra. The Daytona is in and out before the Cobra can even think about a response. Be sure to catch these monsters going at it again this weekend during the Graham Hill Trophy.

Daytona overtake

Finally, V8 tank vs V8 tank. A Rover SD1 takes a similar line to the aforementioned Chinook, slithering around the outside of the Bastos Camaro Z/28.

We’re ready for some in kind lunacy to follow this weekend, and even if you aren’t here, you can follow the action at 74th Members’ Meeting on the live stream.

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