MAR 20th 2016

Video: Battling GT Cars In Graham Hill Trophy Highlights

The Graham Hill Trophy is just an absolutely exquisite cross-section of classic motor racing. E-Types on ACs on Bizzarrinis on Mustangs on Ginettas on Cobras on Daytonas. Properly fast, properly loud, properly competitive performance machines battling it out on the deathly limits of adhesion at the 74th Members’ Meeting.

74th Members' Meeting live stream promo 74MM

It is without doubt a recipe for good racing, and sometimes a recipe for trouble. High speeds and low grip inevitably make for high risk and when it gets messy it can slow proceedings. Just such an eventuality took place during this afternoon’s track action and a crash involving a Cobra slowed the truly epic battle for the lead involving James Cottingham and Andrew Smith in their Daytona Coupes. From there, on track caution rendered the heated contest insert for the remainder of the race. Aside from the competition, just seeing these machines fully lot riding up on their sidewalls in full neutral slides out of Lavant is something anyone can delight in.

Watch the video for the highlights of the Graham Hill Trophy as these 60s legends scrap it out before battle is tamed all too soon.

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