MAR 24th 2016

Video: Capri Punts SD1 Into Gerry Marshall Trophy Spin

The Gerry Marshall Trophy at the 74th Members’ Meeting brought a stunning 30-car grid of all shapes, sizes and outputs together to do battle on the Goodwood Motor Circuit. The trouble with that amount of competitors however, is that getting everyone through St Mary’s together can prove a hefty challenge for even the best of drivers.

Gerry Marshall Trophy

In the case of Ric Wood in his Ford Capri, it all got a touch too cramped on the way through Fordwater. As the video above depicts, the Capri locks up its fronts in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid Adam Brindle in the Triplex SD1. The subsequent mild, unintentional manoeuvre sends the SD1 careering sideways into Andrew Bruce in the Marlboro SD1. Whilst Bruce gets away virtually unscathed, Brindle quickly recovers to rejoin the action now running a few places back, and no further drama ensued. Nevertheless, a hairy moment for all involved. 

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