MAR 18th 2016

Video: IWC'S Epic F1 Car Shootout

The three pointed star of Mercedes-Benz has graced the noses of a variety of performance road and competitive machines of all shapes, sizes and disciplines over the years. Watch here as one of its most recent, one of its most iconic and one of its fastest go toe-to-toe at last years 73rd Members Meeting in a stunning shootout organised by the Members’ Meeting’s official timing partners IWC. The safest bet would be on Lewis Hamilton’s 2013 Hungarian GP-winning Mercedes W04 F1 car taking the fast lap, but there’s no doubt the AMG GT and 300SEL “Red pig” put in a good shift.

74th Members' Meeting live stream promo 74MM

This year at 74th Members’ Meeting, we look forward to seeing the IWC shootout take it to the next level as the official timing partner returns with a pair of 1950s Mercedes-Benz W196 Grand Prix cars. At the hands of Stirling Moss and Juan Manuel Fangio, the cars took 9 victories out of the 12 races they entered.

Mika Hakkinen and Jochen Mass will be jockeying for the first W196 dynamic outing since FOS 2009. The stands will shudder with the thunderous rage of their 8-cylinder engines, and the air will be thick with heat and fumes spewed out by two of the Stuttgart companies most iconic competitive automobiles.

You can watch the awesome 2016 IWC moment in full right here on Goodwood Road and Racing on our live stream.

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