MAR 17th 2016

Video: The Greatest Save Ever?

Could this be the greatest racing save you’ve ever seen? It’s certainly up there with the best that we’ve ever seen, and even now, a year after it happened, we can’t quite believe Chris Ryan managed to wrestle his lively MG B ‘Le Mans’ back from the brink of disaster.

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The clip above is taken from last year’s awesome Les Leston Cup for 1960s British sportscars as Ryan, who eventually went on to win the race, was battling with a Lotus Elite, who may not have given him quite enough room at the apex of Woodcote.

What followed was one of the best reaction saves Goodwood has seen as the ’64 MG flew past 45 degrees on the kerb and was kept out of the wall by some swift boot and arm work from Ryan.

We expect loads more awesome action like this at this weekend’s 74th Members’ Meeting, and if you don’t have the golden ticket remember you can see every single moment on our full live stream.

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