MAR 19th 2016

Video: The Wildest Lap Of Goodwood Ever?

Here’s a treat for you. It’s not often you get a proper full on point of view perspective of a car like the Daytona Cobra Coupe, being driven in a manner that defines the term ‘Eleven tenths’.

Such is the magic of Goodwood’s 74th Members’ Meeting that we just happen to have three exceptional examples of the breed putting in a shift in the Graham Hill Trophy at 74MM. Watch as James Cottingham demonstrates some devastatingly vicious pace, keeping the Cobra on its toes throughout.

74th Members' Meeting live stream promo 74MM

The Coupe is just constantly on edge, bobbing this way and that with the rear constantly threatening to break free. Lavant corner sees it almost totally sideways but Cottingham’s commitment and car control keeps it on pace like a firewalker dancing on hot coals. Once again through Woodcote on the way to the Chicane the car is perpetually on the brink and Cottingham is in it for better or worse defining what it is to steer-from-the-rear. This is an example of exactly the kind of driving that we want to celebrate, distill and repeat on the Motor Circuit in these outstanding period cars, where power trumps downforce and mechanical grip and raw car control rule.

We can’t wait to see Cottingham and his Cobra in action in tomorrow’s Graham Hill Trophy, which you can watch live in full on our live stream right here on Goodwood Road and Racing .

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