Video: Fire and thunder with American muscle at 75MM

19th March 2017
Adam Wilkins

If there's one way to beat the sound of an American V8, it's with an entire grid of them. Qualifying for the Pierpoint Cup, therefore, didn't disappoint – each and every car being a V8 saloon of a type that raced before 1966.

The race is named after 1965 British Touring Car Champion Roy Pierpoint and it's the first time it has appeared on the Members' Meeting programme. Pierpoint took the title in an Alan Mann Racing Mustang.

Mustangs are the most numerous cars on the grid, with other Blue Oval blue collar heroes including the Falcon and Galaxie. The site of a vast Galaxie being hustled through the chicane is always a sight to behold. Also on the entry list are the likes of Plymouth Barracuda, Dodge Dart and Studebaker Lark. 

As this video of qualifying shows, it's a grid full of thunder and flames. We can't wait for the race...

You can follow all the action from 75MM on our live blog right here!

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